4 Seasons

  • What do we mean by Collaboration Skills?

    Episode 1

    Explaining what Collaborative Skills are and how they are vital for a 21st Century Citizen

  • How to teach Collaboration Skills

    Episode 2

    Outlining how Educators can introduce and integrate Collaboration throughout their teaching practice regardless of subject

  • Educator Podcast | Collaboration

    Episode 3

    First hand account of how an Educator is already teaching the Collaborative skillset with their students and the methods used to achieve it

  • What do we mean by Critical Thinking Skills?

    Episode 4

    Critical Thinking is essential for all areas of modern life, this episode explores what it means and why it is so important

  • How to teach Critical Thinking Skills

    Episode 5

    Exploring how Educators can get their students to Think Critically about how to discern information, sources and the world around them.

  • Educator Podcast | Critical Thinking

    Episode 6

    We hear from an International Educator on how she gets her students to think critically and its importance

  • What do we mean by Creativity?

    Episode 7

    Creativity can fall under a myriad of genres and industries, but the key fundamentals are the same, this episode explains what being creative actually means

  • How to Teach Creativity

    Episode 8

    No longer reserved for the Arts, Creativity is an essential skill to master for any subject, this episode explains how Educators can explore Creativity within their classroom

  • Teacher Podcast | Creativity

    Episode 9

    An Educator explains the importance of thinking Creatively and the benefits it can have for your students and school

  • What do we mean by Communication Skills?

    Episode 10

    Defining and explaining what Communication is in relation to the Four C's of 21st Century Learning

  • How to Teach Communication Skills?

    Episode 11

    Helping you to get your students Communicating effectively within the classroom and the world beyond

  • Educator Podcast | Communication

    Episode 12

    Communicating effectively is necessary for a successful work and social life, an Educator takes you through the process of creating good communication in your classroom