Adobe Making Impactful Videos on Social Media

Adobe Making Impactful Videos on Social Media

14 Episodes

Adobe Making Impactful Videos on Social Media
  • Why Video is so Powerful in Social Media

    Episode 1

    Lots of businesses are already using video to tell their stories, especially on social media and for a lot of people, video is social media and social media is video. This video will help you learn some basic principles, tools and tricks that are proven to help you stand out from the crowd.

  • Choosing the Right Video Tool for Your Needs

    Episode 2

    Adobe has everything you need to get creative, grab your audience’s attention and get more eyes on your content, however choosing a video editing tool that works for you is vital! Adobe offers two: Premiere Rush and Premiere Pro. This particular video is designed to walk you through a simple step...

  • How to Optimize your Workspace

    Episode 3

    So let’s assume you’re opening Premiere Pro for the first time. Optimizing your workspace in Premiere Pro can improve your workflow. You can do that lots of different ways, but what’s the most efficient? This video will cover all areas of post-production workflow so that you won't ever need to ju...

  • Setting up your Project

    Episode 4

    With so many social media platforms to choose from, there’s never been a better time to reach an audience with video. However, it can be frustrating to edit a video, only to realise when you go to export that one size just doesn’t fit all. This video will teach you the importance of setting up yo...

  • Getting Started Summary

    Episode 5

    Hopefully you'll now feel that you've taken that first, fundamental step towards success with Adobe. We'll summarise in this video what we've covered including the importance of video on social media and workspace optimisiation helping you edit videos in a cinch.

  • The Basics of Editing

    Episode 6

    The post-production stage of any video project is where the real magic happens. In this video, we’ll take you step-by-step through the basics of editing and show that anyone can learn the basics of editing. We will teach you simple processes, tricks and flourishes that will take your video to the...

  • Up Your Titles and GFX Game

    Episode 7

    In the age of silent scrolling, grabbing the audience’s attention is essential. In this video, we will teach you how to utilise short, snappy videoes to get your message across fast and to a larger audience. We will also showcase titles and graphics and how they are just several tools at your dis...

  • Editing Audio

    Episode 8

    Ever heard the saying: "Your audience will forgive bad picture quality, but they won’t forgive bad audio." This video will provide valuable insight and knowledge into audio editing and with Premiere Pro and Rush you'll have everything you need to even out those inconsistencies and make your audio...

  • Why Effects Matter for Social Video

    Episode 9

    Content creators have just a few seconds to grab their audiences’ attention and keep it. So the opening of your video needs to really pack a punch! In this video, we'll show you how adding motion effects to your titles is the best way to achieve this. We'll show you don't need a big budget to do ...

  • Summary - Editing Techniques

    Episode 10

    With millions of hours of content being uploaded to the Internet every day, knowing how to make your video stand out is the key. We will summarise how to achieve this and make sure you can communicate your message across with video.

  • Advanced Techniques

    Episode 11

    Back in the day, making video meant relying on a team of experts to get the job done, but today, anyone can learn to master the basics of editing, effects and sound. Which means all you really need is a team of one! In this video, we'll teach you how Adobe's range of advanced editing techniques a...

  • Advanced Techniques Summary

    Episode 12

    We know it’s a big leap from producing simple slideshows, to creating super slick, informative video content for social media. Advanced editing techniques are available to everyone in Premiere Pro. In this video, we'll show you those workflow shortcuts, compositing functions and correction tools ...

  • Export for Social Media

    Episode 13

    Everyone has the power to create amazing content, but to be successful with video on social media, it can be exhausting to have to make unique videos for each one. In this video, w'ell teach you how to make just one and export in various formats, for all major social platforms. It saves you time ...

  • Course Summary

    Episode 14

    We hope through this video series we have showcased to you that the most important part of the creative process is YOU. In this video, we will summarise how you can find that right way for you to express your ideas with Adobe and help you through the next steps in your, own creative journey - con...