Everyday Tech

Everyday Tech

7 Episodes

7 presenter-led videos making modern tech easy and accessible for students and educators.

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Everyday Tech
  • Gaming

    Episode 1

    Joe talks about how gaming can be used in Education and what the best approach for loooking at games in an educational setting.

  • VR
    Episode 2


    Episode 2

    Joe talks about the uses of virtual reality within the classroom and how you can use VR to immerse your students in their learning.

  • Podcast

    Episode 3

    Joe talks about how podcasts have become a common teaching tool and how students can use podcasts to enhance their learning.

  • Youtube

    Episode 4

    Joe talks about how you can use YouTube as a teaching tool and how you can use it to add something extra into your teaching.

  • Kahoot

    Episode 5

    Joe talks about Kahoot and how you can use it in your classroom to give your students a better more creative learning outlet.

  • Google Docs

    Episode 6

    Joe talks about GSuite for Education and how it's a great tool to bring into your classroom for collaboration.

  • iMovie

    Episode 7

    Joe talks about how to use iMovie in the classroom for education and how to best use this tool for education.