iCivics: Primary Digital Sources

iCivics: Primary Digital Sources

11 Episodes

11 practical videos help middle and high school educators to teach effectively with primary sources.

iCivics: Primary Digital Sources
  • 1. What is a Primary Source?

    Episode 1

    This video will help teachers understand what a primary source is and distinguishing between primary and secondary sources.

  • 2. Why Teach with Primary Sources?

    Episode 2

    This video will explain the benefits to teaching with primary sources and why teachers should be using them.

  • 3. Teaching with Primary Source Curriculum

    Episode 3

    This video explains why primary sources are rich instructional resources for any and all subject matters.

  • 4. Challenges to Teaching with Primary Sources

    Episode 4

    This video will help the teacher will be able to identify common challenges to teaching with primary sources as well as defend against them.

  • 05. Selecting Sources

    Episode 5

    This video will help the teacher be able to Identify key considerations for selecting primary sources for instructional use.

  • 06. iCivics Different Formats

    Episode 6

    This video will help the teacher be able to analyze primary sources in different formats, including text, image, video, and political cartoon.

  • 7. Multiple Sources

    Episode 7

    This video will help the teacher be able to analyze a set of related primary sources in order to identify multiple perspectives not just race and gender, but also ideology, wealth, political party, etc.

  • 8. What is DBQuest?

    Episode 8

    This video will describe the tool DBQuest and explain why it should be used.

  • 9. Using DBQuest

    Episode 9

    This video will enable the teacher to use DBQuest comfortably.

  • 10. Integrating DBQuest

    Episode 10

    This video will explain how to use DBQuest as another tool in her instructional activity toolkit and weave it into her classroom instruction, why teaching with primary sources is great, why a teacher should choose DBQuest, and how to make it happen in the classroom.

  • Promo iCivics

    Episode 11