34 Episodes

37 live action videos help teachers and young people to crack the art of creative coding.

  • 1. Introduction & Overview

    Episode 1

    An introduction to teaching coding in the classroom and an overview of the course.

  • 2. Why Teach Coding?

    Episode 2

    Explanation of why it's so important to teach coding and how technology and coding affects today's society and the future.

  • 3. The Approach

    Episode 3

    The four-part method of the Kano course explained; Physical Computing, Simple Steps, Storytelling, Play & Exploration.

  • 4. What Is Coding?

    Episode 4

    An explanation of what code is and where we can find it around us.

  • 5. Play & Exploration

    Episode 5

    The education team at Kano explains how to teach coding through Play and Exploration.

  • 6. The Student Driven Classroom

    Episode 6

    The education team at Kano explains what a Student Driven classroom approach is and how to prepare for it.

  • 7. Trouble Shooters

    Episode 7

    The education team at Kano explains how to build up students' confidence and how to trouble shoot.

  • 8. Differentiation

    Episode 8

    The education team at Kano explains what to do when students learn at different speeds.

  • 9. Managing Time

    Episode 9

    The education team at Kano explains some of the challenges when managing time teaching coding.

  • 10. Collaboration

    Episode 10

    The education team at Kano explains the importance of a paired or group environment.

  • 11. Managing Assessment

    Episode 11

    The education team at Kano explains how to manage assessment in four steps; products, process, habits of learning and understanding.

  • 12. Getting Help

    Episode 12

    The education team at Kano explains the importance of playing with the Technology, working with others and posing questions to your students and where to get help.

  • 13. What Is Computational Thinking?

    Episode 13

    A short animation on what computational thinking is and how it's used in coding.

  • 14. Sequencing In Plain English

    Episode 14

    A presenter explains what an algorithm is and how sequencing of tasks is used in coding.

  • 15. What Is Sequencing?

    Episode 15

    An explanation of sequencing and algorithm as a specific order of tasks to get the right result.

  • 16. Sequencing Examples

    Episode 16

    A presenter gives examples of sequencing within the Kano kit.

  • 17. Loops In Plain English

    Episode 17

    A presenter explains that loops are a set of instructions which are carried out repeatedly and how they are used in the coding classroom.

  • 18. What Are Loops?

    Episode 18

    An animation on how to understand loops.

  • 19. Loops Examples

    Episode 19

    A presenter gives examples of loops within the Kano kit.

  • 20. Variables In Plain English

    Episode 20

    A presenter explains what variables are in coding and gives some examples.

  • 21. What Are Variables?

    Episode 21

    An animation explaining variables in coding.

  • 22. Variables Examples

    Episode 22

    A presenter gives examples of variables within the Kano kit.

  • 23. Conditionals In Plain English

    Episode 23

    A presenter explains the use of conditionals within programming and how to teach it in the classroom.

  • 24. What Are Conditionals?

    Episode 24

    An animation on conditions in coding and how they work.