8 Seasons

90 animated and live action videos focussed on global learning for teachers, students, parents and principals.

Featuring instructional practice tips from 21st century educators, interviews with school leaders, animated explainers teacher reflections and more.

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  • Learning Experience

    Episode 1

    This video explores learning experience design with a particular focus on the importance of flexibility and formative assessments for designing impactful learning experiences.

  • Technology Integrator

    Episode 2

    This video gives practical examples of how to integrate technology into the classroom.

  • Building Professional Learning Network

    Episode 3

    This video explores the importance of educators building a professional learning network, and strategies on how to build a useful professional network,

  • Class Manager

    Episode 4

    This video explores on the importance of reflecting on how an educator manages a class, and how they establish classroom norms and manage challenging behaviours on a day to day basis.

  • Parent Collaborator

    Episode 5

    This video give practical examples of how to effectively collaborate with parents and families.

  • Formative Assessment

    Episode 6

    This video explores the importance of formative assessment and strategies on how to design formative assessment into the classroom.