8 Seasons

90 animated and live action videos focussed on global learning for teachers, students, parents and principals.

Featuring instructional practice tips from 21st century educators, interviews with school leaders, animated explainers teacher reflections and more.

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  • Interbalanced Literacy

    Episode 1

    This video explores what interdisciplinary balanced literacy is and strategies to implement interdisciplinary balanced literacy in their classroom.

  • Integrated Performance

    Episode 2

    This video explores what integrated performance assessment is, its difference modes and strategies for using integrated performance assessment in the classroom, modes.

  • Total Physical Response

    Episode 3

    This video explores what total physical response is, what it looks like in practice and strategies for implementing total physical response activities in the classroom.

  • Dual Language Overview

    Episode 4

    This video explores the theory behind dual language schools and outlines some of the learning strategies that are used in dual language schools.

  • Comprehensible Input

    Episode 5

    This video explores what comprehensive input is, why it's important and strategies for using comprehensive input in the classroom.

  • Motivation

    Episode 6

    This video explores the importance of motivation and authentic school, home and community connection in dual language classrooms. It also provides a number of strategies to help educators engage with parents and the community.

  • Student Talk

    Episode 7

    This video explores the important role student talk plays in language learning and strategies for effectively utilising student talk in the classroom.