15 Seasons

A growing collection of bitesize videos for young people entering the world of work.

Skillsumo gives young people access to relevant and inspirational careers advice and features videos focussed on work inspiration, 21st century skills, career pathways, professional development and future trends.

  • 1. What is 4IR?

    Episode 1

    Introduction to the 4th Industrial Revolution overview of the technologies that changed the world over the last 200 years.

  • 2. Energy

    Episode 2

    A look at how will we be making and using energy in 2030.

  • 3. Education

    Episode 3

    What will education look like in the year 2030?

  • 4. Health

    Episode 4

    What medical advances will we make by the year 2030?

  • 5. Work

    Episode 5

    What types of jobs will be available for humans in the year 2030?

  • 6. Transport

    Episode 6

    How will we get around in the year 2030?

  • 7. Home

    Episode 7

    Smart technology we use at home and the potential uses by 2030.

  • 8. Food

    Episode 8

    How will our food be grown in 2030?

  • 9. Facilitator Guide

    Episode 9

    What is the fouth Industrial Revolution and how do we prepare for new jobs that will exist in the year 2030?

  • 10. Manufacturing

    Episode 10

    How will we make and sell things in the year 2030?