Technical Coaching with Liberty IT

Technical Coaching with Liberty IT

12 Episodes

The team at Liberty IT share ideas on how teachers can become technical coaches. You don't have to be a digital guru to support digital learners. By developing strong coaching skills you can help your students build their digital literacy, IT and coding skills.

In this simple professional development resource the technical teams at Liberty IT share their thoughts on how to be an effective technical coach - and leverage the skills you've already developed as an educator

Technical Coaching with Liberty IT
  • Intro

    Episode 1

    Teachers are constantly asked to teach with new technologies where they may not be experts - the answer is to take on the role of coach.

  • Technical Coach

    Episode 2

    This video will explain what a technical coach is and give practical examples to use the coaching technique in the classroom.

  • Effective Listening

    Episode 3

    Teachers will learn about the Rubber Ducky Principal and how to use effective listening techniques in the classroom.

  • Creative Problem Solving

    Episode 4

    Teachers will learn about different creative and visual ways of solving problems in a creative way.

  • Effective Questioning

    Episode 5

    Teachers will learn some effective questioning techniques to use in the classroom including Open, indirect and probing questions.

  • Failing Well

    Episode 6

    Understanding the benefits of deliberate practice. The more you code, and practice, the better you get.

  • Clean Coding

    Episode 7

    To understand the clean coding habit of simplicity: the KISS Principle and know how to apply it in the classroom.

  • Making Meaning

    Episode 8

    To understand Good vs Bad coding and how to break it up and mean something.

  • Mind Mapping

    Episode 9

    To understand what mind-mapping is and how it can be used in technical coaching but in other disciplines.

  • Peer Review

    Episode 10

    To understand what peer reviewing is and how it can be used in technical coaching but in other disciplines.

  • Think Aloud

    Episode 11

    To understand what thinking aloud strategy is and how it can be used in technical coaching but in other disciplines.

  • Vox Pops

    Episode 12

    Vox Pops from the staff at Liberty IT about working in IT, working in the company and how IT is changing and how work flows have changed to have the best communication between the team and their customers.